Ignorance is Bliss

Aldous Huxley was a mind ahead of his time.  Through his literary works, he encouraged others to examine the “absurdity of strongly held but little examined beliefs.”

Sadly, there are countless millions of “normal” people who blindly make their way through life without questioning or recognizing the pervasive sickness present in our society.  In this instance, ignorance is bliss.




Three-Quarters of Americans Are Self-Medicating Pain — Observer

America is in the middle of a pain epidemic, we need to stop stigmatizing those who are suffering. Read More

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Addiction and self-loathing

The underlying events and emotions that often lead to total devastation in the form of addiction/alcoholism are rarely, if ever, spoken of.

The shame, stigma and silence surrounding addiction sadly ends in the death of at least *90 people in the U.S. every day.  As a society, people are becoming increasingly disconnected from each other, their faces glued to electronic devices, this is a problem that is only getting worse.  NOTE:  This blog had to be edited due to disturbing content. 

*According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) nih.gov

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Great Insights from — MakeItUltra™ 3 Steps to Create a Self-Care Plan

By Eric Perry, PhD-c Audio version | Click here “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” ~Oscar Wilde In one way or another we are all caretakers. Care taking can be found in all aspects of life. Some of us are care takers in the professional sense and work in medical, mental health or […]

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Interview with a Master Illustrator: Raymond Waskita Terutama

Being slightly obsessed with Game of Thrones, I have seen a lot of fan art.   Recently, I began seeing illustrations by Raymond Waskita Terutama (RWT), I was stunned by the talent and depth of his work.  While there are many great artists out there, this guy has that “special something” that sets him apart.

When approached, Raymond was gracious enough to grant me an interview.  READ ON for some great insights into the mind of this delightful and talented artist.

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Chronic Stress and Burnout…Stopping the downward spiral

Before we proceed: This article is not politically correct or warm and fuzzy.  These are tactics that, through much pain, have worked for me.  My motive: If I can help one person by sharing, being open and honest, I have accomplished my mission.  Therefore, I offer no apologies.

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